Columnstore Index Internals

Todic Milos

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Data Platform & Business Intelligence
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16:30 - 17:30

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Columnstore technology in SQL Server has been continuously improved with new features and capabilities. In this session we will talk about Columnstore Index basics, and then dive into some of the internal details. Let's cover all available Columnstore Index flavors and when each of them should be used. We'll go through some of the features and how to utilize them the best. We'll also talk about maintenance of Columnstore Index internal structures to keep the best possible performance, as well as other best practices, tips and tricks.

I am Milos Todic, Software Engineer at Microsoft. I started working at Microsoft in 2009 after I finished studies of Electrical Engineering at university of Belgrade. My initial role was Software Development Engineer in Test. I worked on several projects related to SQL Server and HDInsight. For several years I was working as Software Engineer on numerous projects related to Columnstore Index technology in SQL Server engine (Columnstore index reorganize, snapshot versioning, compression delay, Tuple mover, LOB support in clustered Columnstore, etc.) Currently I am working on Azure SQL Managed Instance.


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